Express Oil Change & Tire Engineers

Do you happen to live anywhere in the south and find yourself in dire need of an automotive repair service that you can trust? Then head on over to an Express Oil Change, one of the leading auto-repair services in the south with over 200 locations in 13 states.

For over 34 years, Express Oil has built a business out of providing their customers with the quickest and most reliable oil change process, all the while delivering the best quality service and premium-level vehicle maintenance checks. Furthermore, each and every Express Oil shop is owned and operated by professionally trained, ASE-qualified technicians that are united on these basic principles: quality work, friendliness, integrity and pride of workmanship in everything they do. They won’t pressure you into buying any unwarranted services or parts, nor will you ever need an appointment. Also, as part of their goal on keeping a clean environment, each drop of oil removed from your vehicle is recycled. These are all things that make Express Oil soar above its rivals.

express oil change and Tire Engineers

Express Oil Change services and prices

As far as their services go, they are already established for their signature 10-minute oil change, but they also offer a number of other services for any given situation, such as transmission, air filters, belts and hoses, coolant flush, engine repair, tune-ups, and more. To top it off, each service also comes with a complementary and thorough 20-point safety travel check, where an experienced technician will check any part of your vehicle for any additional problems. The prices for their services vary anywhere between $35 to $80 depending on what type you need.

Coupons & special offers

You can receive special coupons based on where your local Express Oil is situated. Be sure to take advantage of them, as those coupons can give you as much as $10 off on any of the services.

Unlike other automotive services, you won’t see them trying to sneak in add-on fees or try to cross-sell any additional services. That just simply goes to show the level of honesty and commitment that goes into each and every part of their job. Combined with their state-of the-art equipment and usage of premium parts for the purpose of high-end, effective repairs, it’s no wonder why Express Oil Change continues to lead the competition in terms of providing customers of all different stripes with the most reliable and trusted auto-repair services around. So be sure to stop by and see what these guys can do.