Goodyear tire and Rubber Company has been in business for over a hundred years. Headquartered in Akron Ohio, the tire manufacturer has built a solid reputation as a tire maker. Goodyear Tire Company supplies high quality tires and other rubber products for almost all types of vehicles, earth movers, construction equipment, the aviation sector, agricultural machinery and industrial plants. It is no wonder that the iconic company remains the sole tire supplier for NASCAR. The contribution of Goodyear tire and Rubber Company to the US economy and social life is unrivaled. Wartime collaboration with the US military has also seen the company supply the army with aircraft and reconnaissance balloons.RPK Tramplin

In the modern era the Goodyear tire company continues to provide great value for money through superior products, competitive prices, discounted rates and increasingly, attractive rebates. The rebates are available on selected products.

The Goodyear tire rebate promotions are run in conjunction with the nationwide network of Goodyear Tire & Service Network retailers (T&SN). Get your rebate forms direct from the nearest T&SN or print online. Goodyear customers are advised to read the instructions on the form carefully to ensure that their Goodyear rebate is processed without delay. Through a T&SN center near you, customers can currently enjoy up to $160 Goodyear tire rebate on selected tires: $80 Goodyear prepaid Visa card with every purchase of 4 or more selected tires. Clients who use their Goodyear prepaid card get to double their rebate – $160.

Redeeming your Goodyear tire rebate is done in a few simple steps. Print a copy of your completed rebate form and send it via mail along with a copy of the invoice. Rebate forms can also be submitted online along with a scanned image of your invoice.

Current (November, 2016) GoodYear rebate: up to $160 Goodyear Visa® Prepaid Card mail-in rebate when you purchase a set of 4 select tires.

Valid: 12.31.16

Read terms and follow steps to getting your rebate

GoodYear tire rebate up to $160 October 2016

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