Tire Rebates – save massive amounts of money

Tires eventually wear down. It is a fact of life. We can inflate, rotate, and inspect them, but at some point they will need to be replaced. Before you pop into your local tire store for replacements, search for money saving rebates. Rebates are an underused method for saving money.

A rebate is a partial refund of the money you paid for a product. Companies offer rebates to attract customers and to remain competitive with other companies. Take advantage of this competition! Store sales and coupons coupled with company rebates can save you massive amounts of money when buying tires.

Tire rebates are easy to find. You can choose by manufacturer or look for particular tire models. You will be directed to printable rebate forms to use. Most often, rebates require the original receipt to be submitted with the rebate form. Always remember to keep a copy of the receipt in case your paperwork is misplaced. Carefully read the rebate form to determine program dates and criteria. Rebates often have strict deadlines that must be adhered to in order to collect the savings.

tire rebates from all tires brands

Most major tire manufacturers and retailers offer tire rebates. Cooper tires runs several different rebate programs throughout the year. Goodyear tire is another company that usually has some form of rebate program running. Every few months, the rebate offers change. Each company offers different options and rebates on individual tire models. Companies such as Michelin, Bridgestone, Falken, and Yokohama also have continuously changing rebate programs available to the consumer. The rebates offered can include, but are not limited to, money back in the form of a check or prepaid credit card, gift cards, and/or promotional items.

Simple paperwork and a valid receipt are all you need to have some of your hard earned money refunded to you! Refunds are a great way to reduce your out of pocket costs and make buying tires a much more enjoyable experience.

Current rebate program (November 2016):

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