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Tires Plus is a company established in 1976 by Don Gullett and Tom Gegax. Formerly the company had three shell services stations in Minnesota and Burnsville. The founders Tom and Gegax had an objective of creating an outstanding automobile industry. The company has its headquarters in Clearwater in the state of Florida. Since its inception, the company has witnessed pronounced developments and is presently one of the leading companies in the state of Florida and the United States, which delivers high quality automobile products. Currently, the company has over 500 stores found in more than 23 states and about 5,000 human resources, who have relevant expertise and skills in production of superior quality goods and services.

tires plus coupons

Tires Plus services

The services provided by Tires Plus company comprise oil changes, alignments, brakes servicing, computerized engine analysis, air conditioning, battery testing and other vehicle maintenance services. Well-trained and experienced team of staff employed by the company deliver the services. As a result, customers, who visit the company to purchase the services, get unforgettable experiences. Since the company values customer satisfaction, services are delivered in ways that lead to long life of the vehicle.

Oil changing services incorporates use of superior quality oils that are useful maintenance of a vehicle. Some of the oil used in the company includes Kendal GT-01, which has high performance levels. The company also sells goods such as fires, engine oil, and other equipments used by vehicle owners.

Tires Plus has a vast range of tires for SUVs, sedans, minivans and trucks ranging over more than 15 leading brands for giving excellent performance on and off-road. Company also excels in the quality of seasonal tires such as Winter tires and studded Winter tires and Off-Road tire varieties. Tire experts at Tires Plus help you understand and select from the vast array of tire options for a specific vehicle.

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