Walmart oil change coupons and prices

In this tough economy every dime counts and printable coupons are a great way to save money. With the coupons and discounts on offer everywhere there is no need for you to pay full price for any service. If you’re looking for a way to get a discount on vehicle maintenance then print off Walmart oil change coupons. Walmart is a trusted brand offering great prices on all auto services. They have over 2,500 auto centers nationwide with certified technicians ready and waiting to check and service your engine. With printable coupons for oil change you can get better cost changing the engine oil at Walmart.

Walmart oil change price. How much?

Great reason to get oil change at Walmart is that you can save time by dropping off your vehicle at the auto center while you go shopping in the store. The technicians will do all the work and have your vehicle waiting for you to drive away immediately. Walmart  offers excellent service, free extras and great prices for their oil change services. Five types of oil change services offered at Walmart auto centers: Pit Crew, Standard Oil, High Mileage Oil, Power & Performance.

walmart oil change coupons

Pit Crew Walmart Oil Change ($26.88)  $19.88

This oil change will include up to 5 quarts of Quaker State motor oil with advanced durability. You will also get a new oil filter and a chassis lubrication wherever it is applicable. You will also receive a battery performance test as well as tire pressure adjustments. This price tag is as low as $19.88, whereas you will be charged additionally for over 5 quarts.

Standard Oil Change ($31.88) $29.88

You will receive 5 quarts of the featured motor oil along with a new oil filter as well. This oil change also includes the chassis lubrication wherever it is applicable. You will also receive all the lube services provided at the bottom. Additional charges may be added for a non-featured motor oil. This option does meet the industry standard for basic level protection.

High mileage package ($39.88)

This package is 5 quarts of semi-synthetic high mileage, featured motor oil. You will also receive the oil change along with the chassis lubrication wherever applicable. You will also receive all the lube services which are listed at the bottom. High Mile package would be recommended for vehicles over 75,000 miles. Motor oil that is GM Dexos compliant included within this package.

walmart oil change cheap price with coupons

Power and Performance package ($49.88).

This package includes five quarts of a featured synthetic oil. You will also get the new oil filter and the chassis lubrication wherever applicable. You will be able to receive the lube services provided below. This package includes full-synthetic type motor oil which is a common requirement within new cars.

Lubrication services that were referred to above are part of the standard, high mileage and the performance package. This includes vacuuming out the interior of your car, wash the exterior of your windshield, check and fill the transmission fluid, check and fill the washer fluid, check your battery’s performance, check and fill power-steering fluid, check the air filter, check and fill differential fluid, check the wiper blades, check and adjust the tire pressure, check the headlights, and lastly check the tail lights, blinkers and brake lights.

Do yourself a favor and save even more money with Walmart oil change or tire coupon for your next vehicle service.